Telecommunications Effective communication tools can massively impact how a business services its clients, mobilises its workforce and unifies business communication.
That is why at Flex, we work closely with you, our aim is to understand your business and the effects communications have on the day-to-day running of your organisation.
We combine these critical insights with our knowledge, industry experience and extensive range of products and services from leading brands, to create the best
telecoms solutions for your business’ unique needs.
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Hosted Cloud-Based Telecoms

Simply put, a hosted system is an internet phone where all calls and features are hosted offsite through a server located with the service provider. This enables the customer to access these services through the cloud and they only pay for the services they use- making it a cost-effective solution. Flex’s cloud-based solutions replace traditional PBX voice systems with a third-party VoIP service which provide several advantages including user mobility, flexibility, and the added value of remote support.

Advantages of hosted cloud- based telecoms:




Remote Support


Onsite – On premise Telecoms

Onsite telecoms refer to phone systems that are on-site /at a permanent location. Calls can either go through traditional phone lines or a VoIP using SIP tracking. Flex has several on-site telecom solutions which provide a cost-effective option to both businesses and residential addresses. With the ability to use analogue lines should a loss of internet occur; this is the ideal choice for businesses where constant contactability is a must.

Advantages of on-premises telecoms:

Fewer license fees

More control of your PBX

Keep your current voice carrier

Ability to use Analogue lines as backup

Conferencing Telecoms

Teleconferencing is a live, interactive audio or audio-visual meeting that occurs between geographically dispersed participants. People can communicate via telecommunication networks using tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. Flex has a multitude of conferencing equipment that encompass both audio and video teleconferencing options. Flex’s solutions allow the user to connect with multiple people in multiple locations and with the heightened security that accompanies conferencing telecoms, clients have complete peace of mind that their information will remain private.

Advantages of conferencing telecoms:

End to end data encryption



Cut meeting costs

GSM Telecoms

GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is used for transmitting mobile voice and data services and is the most widely used digital wireless telephony system. With several cost-effective solutions, Flex can provide you with a system that allows ultimate mobility. Low in maintenance and repair costs and known to be the most stable and secure system available, any GSM telecom solution provided by Flex will perform optimally, saving you both time and money.

Advantages of conferencing telecoms:

No LAN required

No Voip Equipment required

GSM network still works even during load shedding




Our telecoms solutions are based on best-in-market technologies and leading brands, to deliver a holistic communication package. Talk to us about your needs

Connectivity Telecoms


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Fibre-Optic Internet (fibre) is a broadband connection, known for its low lag time, and ability to reach speeds of up to 940 Megabits per second (Mbps). With fibre rapidly becoming the preffered service in Southern Africa, Flex can provide your home or business with a fibre solution that ensures seamless video and audio streaming, quick large-file transfers and the capacity for impressive upload and download speeds.


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LTE or Long-Term Evolution is a standard for wireless data transmission that works to increase the capacity and speed of wireless data networks using digital signal processing techniques. Flex’s offerings allow for rapid workplace set up, getting your home or business equipped efficiently with a high-speed internet solution.


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Wireless internet connections use the same wireless networks that 3G and 4G LTE mobile telephone networks use but without the call/text technology to deliver broadband services over the air using a dedicated data SIM card. This provides the user with several advantages as it remains a truly mobile solution- providing data access on the go. Flex offers several wireless packages dependant on your needs and with no dedicated equipment or complicated installation it provides a convenient solution that keeps you connected on the go.


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In telecoms a point-to-point connection refers to a communications connection that occurs between two communication endpoints or nodes. The connection is a closed network data service that doesn’t make us public internet, making it inherently secure. Flex can provide reliable, secure, point-to-point network data services for applications including credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, point-to-point VoIP and video conferencing.

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