Surveillance Core Technologies With a mounting urgency to protect what is most important to us, and a multitude of surveillance products on the market, choosing the right security system
can feel overwhelming. At Flex we understand the many facets of surveillance: the weather, the variable lighting conditions, the thousands of Kilometres that
need to be analysed. Using market-leading technologies we equip both businesses and individuals with the equipment they need to feel more secure.


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Deep learning can best be understood as a type of machine learning that trains a computer to perform human-like tasks. With Siri and Cortana being, in part, powered by deep learning, it offers some insight into how a computer can recognise speech, classify images, detect objects, and even describe content. Recently Deep learning has been applied to many facets of the security industry- facial recognition, vehicle detection, and behavioural analysis. As a market leader in security solutions, Flex can provide several new technologies that enhance both operational efficiency and site security.

Low Lighting Imagery

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Image and footage from security systems have been known to easily gain ‘image noise’ and lose colors and critical details in dim lighting conditions. Flex offers both ColorVu and DarkFighterX technologies that offer pristine full-color image quality, and optimum data resolution. This allows you to capture immaculate footage regardless of external lighting conditions.

High definition and Stable Imaging

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Promising better image quality and richer detail, the 4K streaming technologies that Flex offer solve limited resolution and stuttered video issues. By combining ultra-high-definition technologies with smart functionalities, Flex 4K systems ensure incredibly crisp and clear images, even in low lighting conditions. In addition, smooth preview and playback allow you to enjoy a more user-friendly solution to their security needs.

Thermal Imaging

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The light available to the naked eye is only a small fraction of a large band of waves that travel through the air. Thermal wavelengths are one such wave invisible to the human eye. By taking advantage of the temperature difference between objects, thermal cameras, using thermal imaging technologies, make the invisible thermal radiation “visible” in the form of heat zone images. Known for its adaptability to all lighting and weather conditions including darkness, bright light, fog, and haze the Thermal Imaging Systems Flex offer, ensure that you have access to a robust solution that covers significant distance and provide crisper visuals despite the immediate environment.

Storage and Bandwidth

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With a growing business comes an increase in data – this often results in issues with bandwidth and storage. With Flex this is an issue easily averted, offering direct streaming technologies your security system can run smoothly and economically with no risk of data lag or storage capacity issues.

Open Space Monitoring

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A consistent issue experienced with several cameras on the market is their narrow field of vision. Limited by design in how much footage they can capture they are unable to display a scene in its entirety. Flex offers two solutions to this and through either Seamless Image Stitching Technology or a PTZ camera a wide area can be covered using just one camera.

Seamless Image Stitching Technology

Image stitching is the process of merging several photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a high-resolution panorama. Commonly achieved with software, image stitching requires nearly exact overlaps between images to produce seamless results.

PTZ Camera

A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera works by moving a single camera in multiple directions to build an entire picture of the area. The pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities make it possible to monitor large areas and can be used both as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other cameras.

Ease of Installation (PoC Technologies)

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In the past conventional analogue systems required several cables to be fitted by electrical engineers, the time and effort that was required for this process coupled with ground wires, electrical sockets, and separate powerlines resulted in it becoming an expensive and time-consuming process. To overcome this, Flex provides technology that uses a single coaxial cable to transmit both data and power between front-end cameras and back-end video cameras. This ensures products operate as “plug-and-play”, negating the need for expensive labour and ensuring convenience.

Intruder Verification as a Service

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With so many security systems on the market, it can be an expensive and complicated process to buy each asset individually. Flex’s IVaaS links both CCTV and an intrusion alarm system to one platform. Working cohesively, the unit records a brief video clip every time an alarm is triggered, providing you  with footage of the possible security breach. These high-quality video snippets can be used as forensic evidence and with the footage being streamed directly to the control panel there is no risk of data being lost despite possible damage to the system itself. Considered a fail-safe, smart security system Flex combines a comprehensive security solution with complete peace of mind.

Video Surveillance as a Service

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Video Security as a Service (VSaaS) is a technology that hosts both the software/hardware of video-based security systems in the cloud. Flex’s VSaas allows the user remote access to their video footage and using any internet-connected device the user can log in to view real-time streaming or pre-recorded footage. With zero on-site server installation needed it provides a simple cost-effective solution and remains a popular choice for both private and business use.

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