Services Proactive service forms the foundation of our business success.
We understand machine downtime has both operational and bottom-line impact for our clients,
which is why we have invested in leading diagnostic software that allows us to provide preventative
maintenance with minimal business interruption.


We provide a bespoke and tailor-made service solution based on our clients’ business environment. We provide automated eMaintenance, at no additional cost to our clients, which provides submission of remote printer diagnostics and fault logging; low toner alerts; consumables monitoring and ordering. We have team of certified technicians that will attend to your needs in a timely manner. We use AI software and remote device monitoring to predict the future and further enhance the service experience. We connect you to our vast network of qualified, approved service professionals so you have access to consistent, high-quality after sales support no matter where you and your business are located. We hold six-weeks’ worth of consumables meaning we can deliver without delay.

The Flex Difference



Our business intelligence reports hold us accountable to our promise of streamlining your business’ processes to run efficiently and cost-effectively. Our reports include critical information such as prints completed in a month versus what the machine can handle and logged calls that are either reactive, proactive or preventative.
This information is testament to our promise to always give our clients the best print solution based on their unique business needs and makes us responsible to uphold or improve our service standards. These reports form part of our complimentary, value-added offering to our clients, which we present in-person or via Microsoft Teams at agreed intervals.



Partnering with HP and Canon has enabled us to provide our clients with world class security audits. Through our years in the office automation industry we have seen how unsecured printers can open the entire network to a cybersecurity attack; how costly security breaches or noncompliance can be, especially if customer data is compromised. As remote working becomes more prevalent, businesses need to equip their teams with print & document management solutions wherever they are—without compromising security.



As the banks tighten their lending criteria and it gets tougher for our clients to get financing approval, we provide flexible rental solutions by using our own funding, not ceded to finance houses, to structure deals that meet the clients’ budget parameters.

FAIR T’s & C’s


Flex prides itself on terms and conditions that are fair, transparent and easy to understand. This means that we personally sit with our clients. A change from the office automation industry norm, Flex is determined to create genuine partnerships with clients through this process.

In 2020 HP reported that


of IT managers stated that their printers were likely to be infected with malware


of CISOs expect a major security breach within a year


of all significant data breaches reported by IT managers involved their printers

HP and Canon printers are designed to help reduce risks, improve compliance, and protect your network from intrusions. Both HP and Canon business printers are certified as compliant with internationally recognized security standards and have embedded security features that automatically detect and stop attacks.
Through our partnerships we have access to security audits that help identify possible intrusion spots and allow us to create tailored solutions to secure your environment.

Flex Technology will help you protect your network, achieve compliance, and reduce the time and effort to maintain protections.