Print Solutions It is easy to get overwhelmed when selecting the right printer and service partner for your business.
At Flex we make the choice easy - by providing the best solutions for your business within the brands we know and trust.

We are a premier partner of Canon and an iMPS partner with HP.
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How we choose the best in the industry

With a stringent criterion for product and partner excellence we examine the following factors before deciding what solution fits with your unique business needs:

The financial strength of the brand with a view to understanding what after sales support of both parts and consumables would be.

How comprehensive and how competitively priced the range is within the market.

Are the products best of breed offering competitive advantages over competitors with respect to technology, security, environmental impact, software add-ons and full finishing capabilities.

We have partnered with Canon, HP, Epson and Develop (Konica Minolta) in this regard because we believe they allow us to offer our clients the absolute best solutions money can buy.

Solutions to meet your business needs


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The inkjet printer has several advantages but is predominantly known for its low running cost, high speed, and impressive volume output. An inkjet requires no warmup time to optimally perform and is capable of printing smooth fine details.

Inkjet printers have several advantages over other printers:

Low colour cost: Get the results you expect with your Inkjet Printer as it delivers game-changing low color cost per page and allows you to print more pages while replacing cartridges less often.

Remarkable speeds: Cut down on wait time with speeds as fast as 80 pages per minute – both in colour and black and white

Fewer parts = Less Maintenance: Designed with the fewest possible number of parts minimising interruptions and service intensity

Environmentally friendly:

  • Up to 70% less energy use than lasers
  • Can reduce the carbon footprint of printing by up to 45% compared to lasers
  • Quiet performance incorporated into design

Watch this video here for more info on Inkjet Solutions.


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Production printing is known as a high-speed computer printer with speeds reaching between 85-130 pages per minute or 80,000-1,000,000 pages per month. Due to this speed and its capacity for high powered finishing options, production printing is best used for volume printing, manuals, and booklets.

Production printing can be split into two distinct segments: mono and colour. Each of these segments have specific characteristics and applications that set them apart from one another and allow them to serve different functions. Whether your business is mono segmented and focused predominately on what speed and volume a device can support measured against the investment of the machine or color segment; focused on the quality of the graphic print and finishing capabilities we can provide you with the solution.

Watch the video here for more info on Production Printing.

Digital MFP (Multi-Function Printers)

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Today, multifunction printers are increasingly intelligent and versatile, with the ability to accomplish a variety jobs, such as: printing, scanning, faxing, and translating documents. With the capacity to transform paper, digital and mobile workflows, they help users to optimise costs while getting their print needs accomplished more efficiently. There are several advantages to owning an MFP – an easily configurable set up, format flexibility and detailed print analytics to optimise your print habits. MFP’s have been completely reimagined to accommodate the current digital workplace and to accelerate digital transformation, making employees more productive and streamlining the flow of document information throughout the business.


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With notable features such as flexibility, efficiency and low colour cost, wide format printers have become increasingly popular within the market. The ability to print on a variety of materials, including glossy premium papers, most vinyls and even solid substrates allows for the printing of banners, signage, posters, and making wide format printers a favourite in the advertising, architecture, and engineering industries.
Industry specific classifications that Flex can provide:

CAD and GIS Plotters
17” (A2) to 44” (B0) sizes.

Wide Format Photo Printers
17″(A2) to 60″ sizes – accurate photo quality colour.

Signage and POS Printers
Poster campaigns, signs or exhibition graphics.

Proofing Printers
Precision color matching with great consistency.

Speciality and Industrial Printers
High volume, demanding print tasks linked to complex workflows.

Watch the video here for more info on Wide Format Printing.


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Flex’s extensive range of printing software provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet a plethora of business needs:

Print Authentication
Assign user rights and workflow to ensure controlled access to all devices

Print Roaming
Pull printing from any printer in the work environment with only one print driver – making it a scalable option for one or multiple offices

Fact based audit of all print functions: copy, scan, print. Choose between pre-defined reports or customisable options

Core Workflows
Accurate document capture with secure workflow to Microsoft SharePoint, DropBox Business, authorised email addresses and networked folders

Rule Based Engine
Pre-defined library of common print governance rules such as forced BW printing, single page to double sided page

Mobile Print
Ensures secure mobile printing and secure guest printing

Credit and Billing
Supports pay-for-services, page quotes and accurate billing by individuals, groups, or billing codes

Client Based Print Roaming
CBPR Architecture designed to use fewer servers to save on infrastructure costs

Assess and Upgrade Your System

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