Digital Workflow Solutions Combining data, guidelines, and tasks to make everyday business processes seamless.

Transform manual, paper-based tasks into efficient, digital processes that are more accurate and enable faster turnaround times. ARCHIVING Securely scan, save, index, and digitally archive documents inline with your company’s policies and industry legal requirements. Digital archiving results in cost savings, reduced errors, faster processing and allows documents to be accessed from anywhere while remaining fully compliant. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Improve business efficiency with real-time intelligence on all business processes. Customisable dashboards will help you understand where bottlenecks lie and where improvements
can be made.
WORKFLOW DOCUMENT CAPTURING Scan, index, and save documents, reducing your reliance on paper and create an electronic flow of information. CLOUD STORAGE For added security and reduced costs, documents are stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for in-house servers. COLLABORATION Allow employees across your business to collaborate on a document easily. Documents are stored and accessed in a central location, accessible by relevant individuals in the office or remotely. E-SIGNATURES With e-signature integrations, documents can be signed and returned easily.

Why go digital with Flex?

We use the latest and most intuitive software to create seamless integration within your business.

Easily create parallel workflow paths, escalation routes, and exceptions for all team members.

By digitizing processes you’ll experience increased efficiency, improved accuracy in capturing, and have greater visibility of your business information.

Easily expand your system to keep up with your business as it scales, while maintaining the security, traceability, and reliability of your information.

If you’re looking to streamline your processes, boost productivity and dramatically reduce costs

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