Manage usage, security and cost of your print environment with cutting-edge software.

Print Management Solutions provide visibility of your printing environment and operations to manage usage, security and cost. Flex Technology Group has a number of Print Management Solutions and product variations available to provide comprehensive reporting from Device; Work Group; Project; Department and even End User.


The solutions are sold as modules and our Solutions Team review the requirements to ensure our clients receive the exact solution they are looking for. This includes but is not limited to; Print Policies; Output Standardization; Device Security; Authentication; Print Roaming (Follow-me Print); Comprehensive Reporting and Document Audit trails.


Y Soft Print Management

Flex provides print management and document capture software solutions.

Print management: Centralised control for managing and optimising print workflows.

Document Capture: Accurate document capture, robust digital processing and automatic delivery to cloud-based or on-premise applications.

  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Increase document security
  • Fact based print audit
  • Pull-printing from any print device
  • Improve workflow productivity
  • Automated, fast document delivery
  • Speed up document retrieval


Flex makes it easy to manage your devices without the complexity. This software reduces print costs by allocating printing to departments, cost-centers and users with shared accounts. It provides usage reporting by user, department, device or environmental impact, and can be used with any device or platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed-fleet environments.

  • Track and control usage and behaviour
  • Securely print documents
  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Reduce print costs
  • Report on usage
  • Any platform, any device
  • Used by over 60,000 organisations


 Flex provides a software solution that will lead to real improvements in the control and efficiency of multifunctional devices(MFDs) by managing your document processes. This powerful software is open, modular and configurable, so it can be adapted to fit the specific needs of different businesses: large corporations, small offices, education establishments, local government, and print rooms.

  • One integrated platform
  • Scalable to any size to provide flexibility
  • Modular architecture extends to all business areas
  • Device-independent platform accommodates mixed-fleet devices