Take advantage of the best technology and leading brands in customised communications solutions

Flex prides itself by offering a full range of telecoms solutions that are customized to each client’s individual requirements, our telecoms solutions are based on the best in market technologies and leading brands to deliver an end-to-end offering.


These solutions are aimed at reducing the cost of doing business and improving the quality of the company’s PABX experience. Whether the company is big or small, Flex always finds a way to bring the best of technological innovation at a fraction of the cost.

  • Analogue PABX
  • Digital PABX
  • Virtual PABX

Connectivity & Voice

Flex understands that you can’t afford to have connectivity delays or issues. We have aligned with South Africa’s connectivity leaders to provide high quality, affordable voice and connectivity services with excellent technical maintenance.

  • Fibre
  • Microwave (wireless) internet
  • LTE
  • Advanced LTE

Onsite & Hosted Solutions

 Flex is at the forefront of technological changes and have undertaken great steps on having up-to-date solutions that meet current and future needs via Onsight (on premise) set-ups or Hosted communications (cloud-based) solutions.

  • Low cost, great service, on-site
  • Flex installs and maintains system
  • Cloud-based hosting available
  • Superior technology and voice quality