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Don’t start at a disadvantage because of your business size. Flex’s small to medium enterprise (SME) solutions take into account your need for business mobility, as well as low-cost, high quality, automated and pro-active technical service. In partnership with you, we constantly evaluate your print environment and grow our scalable offering along with your business.

Common Print Requirements

  • Staff or users: 1 – 20
  • Monthly Print Volume < 20,000 pages
  • Number of Machines: 1 – 2
  • Branches: none
  • No Managed Print software
  • No redundancy required

Medium to large enterprise

Don’t sacrifice efficiency as your business grows. Centrally controlled printer management, preventative maintenance, and automated technical service, meter readings and consumables management, keep your business running smoothly. Flex’s transparent Ts and Cs, flexible financing, pro-active reporting and scalable solutions future-proof your business against restrictive contracts.

Common Print Requirements

  • Staff or users: 21 – 200
  • Monthly Print Volume: 20-20,000 pages
  • Number of Machines: 3 – 20
  • Branches: 1 – 10
  • Software: Usage Tracker, FollowMe Print
  • Redundancy required


At this scale, document-related business processes are best managed as a service. Flex provides and manages both in-house print rooms and office printers, all networked, and integrated with software that automates common document processes. This includes consolidated billing, transparent contract terms, pro-active technical maintenance, intelligent reporting and predictive analytics.

Common Print Requirements

  • Staff or users: 200 +
  • Monthly Print Volume > 200,000 pages
  • Number of Machines: 20 – 1,000
  • Branches: 10 +
  • Full MPS software
  • Structured service SLA

The Flex Journey


Flex people use their experience and training to evaluate your print environment and work with you to design an integrated solution, with transparency and accountability top of mind.


  • Motivated self-starters
  • Serious about customer relationships
  • Transparent and accountable


As the banks tighten their lending criteria, Flex provides flexible rental solutions by using its own funding to structure deals that meet our clients needs within their budgets.


  • Rating of each deal according to assessment
  • Flexible finance agreements
  • Internal funding vehicle


After customising your print solution and securing finance to implement it, we go through the T’s & C’s of the contract with you, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding.


  • Unique in the print industry
  • Fair and balanced contracts
  • Transparency; no hidden penalty clauses


As part of our continued partnership with you, Flex routinely provides pre-emptive printer services at our own cost, to keep your fleet working optimally and with minimal disruption.


  • Preventative maintenance at our cost
  • Pre-empting technical faults
  • Reduces costly repairs and downtime


Flex also provides eMaintenance, which includes submission of meter readings, remote printer diagnostics and fault logging. Flex also provides consumables monitoring and ordering.


  • Secure, pro-active and automated
  • Included at no extra cost with our devices
  • Reports on status, workload and usage


FREE service reporting is standard at Flex. We share at-a-glance device cost and performance statistics including total machine count, service call history productivity graphs and call types.


  • Free reporting, regardless of business size
  • Holds us accountable to our promises
  • Provides data for informed business decisions

Flex Leadership

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Warren McLaughlin

Flex Tech MD

Warren McLaughlin, Flex Tech MD, is a leader who is motivated to build a better world for his kids. He is doing his part with a business philosophy that makes its shareholders a solid return but not at the expense of sound business ethics…

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The Flex Difference:

“The industry in the main takes advantage of unsuspecting customers, with poor sales accountability that leaves customers spending valuable time, money and energy to understand their print infrastructure and its ROI.

Here at Flex, our sales people report back to customers on key operational and cost metrics. This mandatory feedback keeps us accountable, while providing customers a clear view of print performance and infrastructure, without having to do any leg work or purchase any expensive software.”

The Warren Difference:

“I work hard at making sure we are offering a solution or service that is not only of value to our customers, but also that it is something that sets Flex apart from our competitors.”

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Gcina Madida

Flex Sechaba MD

Gcina Madida, Flex Sechaba MD, is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, and feels she has been purposed to purpose others. She strives to make a positive impact, strongly believing in heart-count vs head-count…

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The Flex Difference:

“Clients in the office automation industry are constantly complaining about rigid, complicated service agreement contracts that are difficult to understand. This is compounded by box dropping and service methodologies that offer a one-solution approach, regardless of industry.

Flex, however, offers a consultative approach, analysing our clients’ environments so we can structure unique solutions that talk directly to their requirements with a scalable and sustainable operational model.”

The Gcina Difference:

“With more than 14 years of experience in IT solutions sales and project management within the government sector, I know how to ask the right questions to ultimately reveal gap areas in the customer’s business. I am passionate about creating bespoke solutions that deploy specific resources, skills and technologies, approaching every single sale as a project, striving to manage the sales cycle with a continuous account management approach. Open and constant communication with customers is the key to manage expectations.”

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Hannah Taubensee


Hannah Taubensee, Director, is motivated by working with the best office automation service and technical team in Jo’burg. She actively works with customers to give them the best solution and service possible…

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The Flex Difference:

“The industry is fraught with unscrupulous dealers looking to make a quick buck, without considering the implications for the customer. They often overpromise and under deliver.

In contrast, Flex Tech actively works with customers to give them the best solution and service possible, while considering their budget and following ethical business practices. We are very clear about what we can and cannot do, and always do our best to meet the expectations of our customers.”

The Hannah Difference:

“The entire service and technical team follows the motto of #ExpectTheBest. When we consciously operate at our best, that energy filters through to all aspects of our lives.”

Ryan Web.

Ryan Forester

Flex Tech, AR Finance

Ryan, manager of AR Finance, is driven by a desire to be better today than he was yesterday, working with the flexible financing solutions that set Flex apart from its competitors…

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The Flex Difference:

“The industry outside Flex is overcomplicated, with a very poor ability to understand and finance deals. Customers struggle to get finance deals approved through traditional finance houses, and if they do, they have to jump through hundreds of hoops to conclude it.

Flex uses our in house finance company, AR Finance, to offer flexible finance solutions that we structure differently for each deal, depending on the business requirements. I structure the deals and sort out the funding for these transactions.”

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Brendan Tickle

Sales Manager

Brendan Tickle started at Flex in 2018 and has done much to bring talented individuals together to create a unique team who embody the Flex philosophy and approach…

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The Brendan Difference:

Brendan Tickle started at Flex in 2018 and has done much to bring talented individuals together to create a unique team. Brendan’s view on a team is being a team player, contributing to and promoting team synergy. He leads by example, and with 12 years in the office automation industry, help add value to his team’s efforts.

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Wayne Kriek

Senior Corporate Accounts Manager

Wayne Kriek, the Senior Corporate Accounts Manager, has a passion for the sales industry and ensuring that the client gets what is needed to drive business forward…

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The Wayne Difference:

Wayne Kriek, the Senior Corporate Accounts Manager, has a passion for the sales industry and ensuring that the client gets what is needed to drive business forward. With well over 12 years’ experience in the office automation industry, Wayne’s knowledge of the corporate environment helps foster growing relationships. The values of transparency and accountability are what Wayne strives to achieve by wanting to be an extension of his client’s IT development.

Flex Tech Team2

Technical Team

Flex Tech


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